Campsite "de Carlton"

Welcome to Campsite"de Carlton". Our campsite has a cosy atmosphere and tranquillity, space and privacy are our main attractions. We offer you spacious lots, nicely situated in the green fields and close to the Dutch sandy beaches.

The children can enjoy themselves in the small playground and the outdoor swimmingpool. There is also the possibility to rent bicycles to explore the environment. The campsite offers you the possibillity to rent mobile homes and lodges. Come and enjoy a lovely holiday in our beautiful landscape.

Narcissen KwekerijWe would like to inform you about the early years of Campsite "de Carlton". It was founded in 1981 as a genuine family business by the family Bakker. Gerard en José Bakker used to explore a flower nurcery on the same grounds, especially cut flowers and daffodils. One specious of the daffodils has the name "narsissus Carlton, and therefor they chose the name of the campsite as "de Carlton".

Kamperen Tussen KassenIn 1981, the family Bakker had the opportunity to change the flower nursery into a campsite. In the early days of the campsite, most of the ground was still the flower nursery and a small part was being used as campsite. But trough the years the campsite grew until the flower nursery completely disapeared. Campsite "de Carlton" was a fact"!

Carlton Narcissus

Troughout the years, Campsite "de Carlton"was enlarged and made up to date to meet with the modern standards. As an example, we installed a disabled toilet allowing disabled people to enjoy a well deserved holiday in the heart of the Dutch flower field area.

We, the family Bakker, are doing our utmost to offer you a most enjoyable stay on our campsite. We are busy te keep the campsite in a perfect condition and we are sure that you will enjoy a wonderfull holiday.

As far as the pricing of our lots is concerned, it is our philosophy that costs should be payed by the one who initiated the costs. For that reason, you will be charged for electricity based on the actual use. This system ensures that prices are as low as possible.

Gerard en José hope to welcome you on their premises and we already wish you a wonderful stay on Campsite "de Carlton".